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Automatically created eCommerce website
Fully customizable, change themes, no coding required

Free for a year for small business

Variety of Themes



Be Unique. Select from a variety of themes available. Configure the themes. The themes are growing day by day.

Customizable Text

Headers and footers are the top and bottom sections of your online store. Insert customizable text into header and footer.

Customizable Colors

Our O2VEND customizable color selection for the very best in unique for your store.

News Blog

Create news and Blog Contents to engage your customers. Show case your expertise to your customers.

Payment Integration

Get a variety of payment methods integrated. Receive Cash, Card, COD Payments.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization ensures that your store is visible on the web.

Rich Product Information

Create products with rich product information. Add and edit product images.

Manange Reviews and Comments

Approve and reply to product reviews and comments. Remember, products with more positive review are sold more.

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  • How can I create my own Ecommerce store in O2VEND?

Its simple – Just press 'Get Started' – and login to O2VEND. Go to Stores -> Create Store option. Input the needed details and create your own store. Your store User name and password will be emailed to you. Open the store admin page and configure / customize your store. No Coding required.

  • Can I myself customize my store?

Yes, there are options to change your themes – click here for more details. Further once you have selected the theme – you can customize the text, colours of theme selected. click here for more details. No Coding required.

  • How can I add my payment gateway?

O2VEND currently supports – COD, Stripe, Cashfree and Paypal payment gateways. Further additions are in progress. If you have any specific requirement on any other payment gateway – please reach out to us – we will be able to help you out.

  • What all shipping methods available?

O2VEND supports Flat rate shipping and table rate shipping based on shipping address, value etc.

  • I am using O2VEND in trial period, can I receive orders placed in my store?

Yes, O2VEND trial is full functional trial. You can receive and process orders in your trial period as well. O2VEND also provides basic version free for a year – you can use all the basic features for first year for free.

  • How many products can be added in trial version?

It depends on the plan you had chosen. There are no restriction on the product variations. You can have any number of product variations added for each product.

  • Will my Ecommerce site be hosted somewhere? Should I pay for the same?

O2VEND is a hosted Ecommerce / POS / Back office platform. Your subscription charges includes everything such as hosting, maintenance, etc. Leave the technology part to us. You can concentrate more on your business.

  • What should I do to change my already available O2VEND site URL ?

Reach out to us via Contact Us option or write to us on [email protected] to help you out on this. click here for contact us.

  • Will I get refund if I am closing my subscription after paying invoice?

No refund will be processed if the invoice is already paid. O2VEND subscription will be automatically closed after the subscription period.