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Integrated multi channel commerce platform giving omni channel experiences to your customers

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Integrated eCommerce website for online sales, Point Of Sale (POS) for brick-and-mortar Retail store Checkout Counter, Mobile - van sales and distribution app for remote sales, collection and Back Office for complete business management is a need for any modern business to optimize inventory, improve revenue and profits.



Single view of all important vital parameters of your day to day business. Run your business from anywhere

Complete Order to Cash

All important O2C Processes ensures your credit invoices are paid on time and collections are tracked

Order Management

Manage orders from muliple channels such as O2VEND eCommerce, O2VEND POS, O2VEND Agent App and Sales order created directly in Back office.


Manage inventory with stock adjustment, Lot Number, expiry dates, Serial numbers etc. Inventory entries can be made seperate for any invoice

Catalog Management

Create, Update and Share catalog information. Products can have a rich information such as images, detailed description, Variations, Specifications - much suitable for all eCommerce product pages.


All needed reports - orders, invoice summary, Tax reports, profit reports, Account books

Users Management

Create employees, customers and suppliers needed for your business

Loyalty and Promotions

Customer loyalty increases with reward points for their transactions. Promotions bring in more revenue to you business.


  • How can I add my payment gateway?

O2VEND currently supports – COD, Stripe, Cashfree and Paypal payment gateways. Further additions in progress. If you have any specific requirement on any other payment gateway – please reach out to us – we will be able to help you out.

  • I am using O2VEND in trial period, can I receive orders placed in my store?

Yes, O2VEND trial is full functional trial. You can receive and process orders in your trial period as well. O2VEND also provides Basic version free for a year – you can use all the Basic features for first year.

  • How many products can be added in trial version?

It depends on the plan you had chosen. There is no restriction on the product variations. You can have any number of product variations for each product.

  • What should I do to change my already available O2VEND site URL ?

Reach out to us via Contact Us option or write to us on [email protected] to help you out on this. click here for contact us.

  • Will I get refund if I am closing my subscription after paying invoice?

No refund will be processed if the invoice is already paid. O2VEND subscription will be automatically closed after the subscription period.