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Use Sales screen in O2VEND POS to add items to bill cart. This screen allows you to create orders with and without customers. Offers can be applied in this screen. Returns can be added to create Credit note in this screen.



Receive Money for the Sales orders created in the sales screen. Multiple orders can be paid in the same receipt screen. Cash, Card, Bank, Cheque, Discount, Loyalty, Credit notes and many other options to settle money to the orders can be configured. Received total and Tender change details are provided. When enabled this screen posts delivery entries for the items in the orders as well.



Deliver the products against paid invoices. This screen can be used for delivery of any invoices including E-Commerce orders. Use this screen to record ‘Pick up in store’ option.



Select templates based on your available printer. Laser prints ? Thermal ? Both continuous stationary and different paper sizes are available for printing POS created orders and invoices.


Payment Integrations

Get a variety of payment methods integrated. Receive Cash, Card.

Cash Register

Get a cash register. Track all your expenses and payments in the physical store. Tally your cash register daily.

Serial Number

Serial Number suitable for mobile shops.

Lot Number and Expiry date

Enter batch details of product such as lot number, expiry date much usable for medical stores.


Setup promotions accross products, for different sets of customers, with or with out time limits. Make promotions accross stores.


Reward Customers with Loyalty points on various occasions. Fully configurable. Redemption of Loyalty Points make your customers happy.

Bar Code

Use your existing bar code scanner to scan sku and product for quick billing.

Transaction Email/SMS

Let your customer get their bill details by Email/SMS.

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  • How can I add my payment gateway?

O2VEND currently supports – COD, Stripe, Cashfree and Paypal payment gateways. Further additions in progress. If you have any specific requirement on any other payment gateway – please reach out to us – we will be able to help you out.

  • I am using O2VEND in trial period, can I receive orders placed in my store?

Yes, O2VEND trial is full functional trial. You can receive and process orders in your trial period as well. O2VEND also provides Basic version free for a year – you can use all the Basic features for first year.

  • How many products can be added in trial version?

It depends on the plan you had chosen. There is no restriction on the product variations. You can have any number of product variations for each product.

  • What should I do to change my already available O2VEND site URL ?

Reach out to us via Contact Us option or write to us on [email protected] to help you out on this. click here for contact us.

  • Will I get refund if I am closing my subscription after paying invoice?

No refund will be processed if the invoice is already paid. O2VEND subscription will be automatically closed after the subscription period.