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Revolutionize Your Retail Business with O2VEND Cloud POS

The ultimate solution for managing your retail operations seamlessly and effectively. Experience enhanced efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and boost in profits with our intuitive and feature-rich cloud-based point of sale system.

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Streamline Retail Billing with O2VEND

Simplify Your Billing Process with O2VEND Cloud POS - Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional billing methods with O2VEND Cloud POS. Our cloud-based point of sale system offers an efficient and accurate billing process that saves you time and money

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POS receipt

Efficiently Print POS Receipts with O2VEND

Accept Various Payment Methods with O2VEND POS - From cash and card payments to discounts and loyalty points, O2VEND POS allows you to process a wide range of payment options. Easily split bills and accept partial payments, making transactions more convenient for your customers.

Efficiently Manage Returns & Exchanges

Simplify Returns with O2VEND POS - Our POS system makes it easy for your staff to process returns and exchanges. Issue credit notes or refunds for returned products quickly and efficiently, saving your business time and improving the customer experience.

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POS discounts

Maximize Your Retail Sales with O2VEND POS Promotions

Easily Apply Discounts with O2VEND POS - Our POS system allows you to redeem customer offers and product discounts with just a click. Offers are validated and applied to the bills directly, eliminating the need for manual manipulation by your billing staff. Streamline your sales process and increase customer satisfaction with O2VEND POS.

Manage Multi-Store Operations with Ease

Scalable and Cost-Effective Multi-Store Management with O2VEND POS - Expand your retail business with ease using O2VEND POS. Quickly set up new branches or stores without any additional capital investment in software. With O2VEND POS, you can save costs and streamline operations by eliminating the need for new product entries, making it the perfect solution for multi-store management.

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Enhance Customer Loyalty with O2VEND POS Rewards

Loyalty program

Increase Customer Loyalty with O2VEND POS Reward Program - Our POS system includes a comprehensive loyalty and reward program that allows you to incentivize repeat business and reward your customers for their patronage. Create customized loyalty tiers, offer rewards for reaching certain milestones, and track customer engagement. Drive repeat business and increase customer retention with O2VEND POS.

Enhance the Online Shopping Experience with O2VEND POS In-Store Pickup

Offer your customers the convenience of picking up their online orders from your store with O2VEND POS. Our system supports both curbside pickup and local pickup options, making it easy for customers to receive their orders while reducing the need for delivery. Improve customer satisfaction and boost sales with O2VEND POS In-Store Pickup.

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Daily Reports

Track Your Business Performance with O2VEND POS Daily Reports and Cash Tallying

Our POS system allows your employees to easily track their sales and cash collections, and tally the cash register at the end of their day or shift. This feature provides transparency and accountability, and helps you to keep a close eye on your business performance.

Stay Connected with Customers through SMS and Email Notifications

Our POS system allows you to easily send purchase transaction details, order information, and points information to your customers via email and SMS. This feature helps you to keep customers informed about their transactions and increases engagement with your business. Enhance customer communication and satisfaction.

Customer notification
Offline Support

Stay Operational with O2VEND POS Offline Support

With our POS system, you no longer have to worry about internet outages affecting your business operations. Our offline support feature allows you to continue processing transactions and managing your retail operations even when there is no internet connection. And once the connection is back, the system will automatically sync all data. Improve customer service and ensure business continuity.

Streamline Cash Management with O2VEND POS Cash Register

Our POS system provides a cash register feature that allows you to efficiently manage cash transactions in your brick-and-mortar store. Each user can have their own cash register, enter opening balances, track expenses and payments, and perform daily cash tallies. Improve accountability and accuracy in cash management with O2VEND POS Cash Register.

Cash Register


Payment Integrations

Get a variety of payment methods integrated. Receive Cash, Card, Split payments.

Cash Register

Get a cash register. Track all your expenses and payments in the physical store. Tally your cash register daily.

Serial Number

Serial Numbers in bill suitable for mobile and electronics stores.

Lot Number and Expiry date

Enter batch details of product such as lot number, expiry date much usable for medical stores.

Coupons and discounts

Setup promotions accross products, for different sets of customers, with or with out time limits. Make promotions accross stores.


Reward Customers with Loyalty points on various occasions. Fully configurable. Redemption of Loyalty Points make your customers happy.

Bar Code

Use your existing bar code scanner to scan sku and product for quick billing.

Transaction Email/SMS

Let your customer get their bill details by Email/SMS.

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How to create a Point of sale terminal in O2VEND?

Press 'Get Started' – and login or sign up. Go to Stores -> Create Store option. Input the needed details and create your own store. No credit card or any commitments needed to create your store. Your store User name and password will be emailed to you. Open the Point of sales URL. You can start using O2VEND POS. Add products from O2VEND Back office.

How can I add my payment options in POS?

By default all O2VEND POS have Cash, Credit Note and Discount payment options. You can add more payment options like Card, GPAY, UPI, Wallet, Loyalty points, Credit sales etc from O2VEND Back office settings.

I am using O2VEND in trial period, can I operate POS in my store for real sales?

Yes, O2VEND trial is full functional trial. You can use like a regular licensed product. Once you are satisfied with the trial, please purchase subscription.

How many products can be added in trial version?

It depends on the plan you had chosen. There is no restriction on the product variations. You can have any number of product variations for each product.

Can I add my employee accounts during Trial period ? How many employees can be added ?

Yes, you can add employees and provide them roles during trial period. Number of employees depends on your plan choosen while creating the store.

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